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About Us

We specialise in web development, where we provide a quality website design, that is developed to generate increased business and new revenue streams for our local clients based in Redhill, Reigate and surrounding areas within Surrey.

Every minute of every day potential customers are online searching for, either your business specifically, or for the services or products you offer. If they can’t find you quickly and easily you are not going to get that business, but your competitors will.

NetService was started to complete the job where most web designers finish. That is the job of turning your website into a fully functioning sales and marketing tool. It doesn’t matter how good your website design is – if it doesn’t bring in business, it’s pretty useless.

NetService Web Development in Redhill
Web Development in Reigate

What makes us different

We deal with local companies and target your website to the local marketplace. There is no point paying for a national marketing campaign when all your business comes from your local area.

A website has two basic requirements, firstly it must promote your brand, and secondly, it must bring in revenue.

Pick the right designer and you can have an amazing website that is the envy of all your competitors. The problem is, the designer has done their job, been paid and parted ways with you. You are left with your new fantastic website, but it is bringing in no value for your business.

This is where NetService is different. We work with our clients from start to finish. We provide you with a service, not just a product.

Standard With Every Website

Secured Sites

If you host with us your website will be secured with an SSL certificate as standard.

Legal Pages

All our sites are fully compliant with UK and EU Law including GDPR compliance.

Full Reporting

We provide regular reports on the status of your sites including traffic and all analyitcal data.

Fully Responsive

All our websites are mobile responsive and will display perfectly across all types and sizes of devices.


Our websites are fully optimised for SEO to achieve optimum rankings in the search engines.

Page Speed

Search engines penalise slow loading websites. All of our sites achieve the best possible page loading speed.


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